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Manual Driving and Automatic Driving

Every good driver has a great driving school behind them. This is essential.

Our Female driving instructors always have this In mind when teaching our clients. We know that many females feel better at ease with another female which is why we provide high quality relaxed lessons on a female one to one basis.

This can give you peace of mind wether you are booking for yourself or for a family member. We provide reliable highly qualified staff to give you important confidence boost and fun when learning how to drive.

If you are looking for a female driving instructor near me then look no further. All our driving instructors are DSA approved with a friendly and easy going approach to successful teaching.

Intensive Driving Courses

Nervous or First time Driver

If you have recently passed your test and you feel nervous driving on your own, Pass Plus training can help you become more confident on the roads and provide your family with peace of mind.

You can take the course any time within the first 12 months of passing your test.

What does Pass plus consists of?

There are practical modules which cover driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways.

There is no test at the end of it as your driving will be continually assessed and you must successfully complete all the modules in the course to an achieved or exceeded standard:

  • Achieved: Successfully reached the standard required for each of the competence’s.

  • Exceeded: Exceeded the required standard for each of the competence’s.

In exceptional circumstances, if a module can’t be done on the road it will be covered in a theory session.


Refresher Courses

At some point everyone can feel a bit apprehensive and get nervous about driving, there are a number of reasons for this:

  • Maybe you’ve been involved in a road accident

  • Maybe you haven’t driven for a while and are feeling a bit rusty

  • Maybe you’re not used to driving on your own and it seems a bit daunting

  • Maybe you’re just a bit nervous and are lacking confidence

  • Maybe you’re a foreigner driving in the UK for the first time

  • Maybe you’re not used to driving on busy motorways

  • Maybe you’re an elderly driver

Refresher courses are there to help you feel confident and relaxed giving you the confidence to continue driving. The number of lessons you will do depends on you and how happy you are with outcome of your refresher course. Some people will need more than others.

Other things we cover are:

Mock Driving Test

Signs and road markings

Cheap block booking

Pick up and drop off at home

Help with theory & hazard tests

Motorway lessons.

Theory test for driving



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